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Philips announces launch of dictation and transcription software for Mac OS X

Philips Speech Processing announced today the launch of its professional dictation and transcription solution for Mac operating systems. In combination with the DPMConnect4 Mac software, SpeechExec4Mac enables users of the Philips Digital Pocket Memo to download dictations to their company network and play them back on their Mac systems providing a complete workflow from dictation to transcription. SpeechExec4Mac is the only professional dictation application that supports the DSS Pro file format from all IVA (International Voice Association) vendors in a Mac environment.

“Many companies today follow a Bring Your Own Device policy where end-users decide for themselves which device they use for their daily work. In many cases this will be a MacBook,” explains Thomas Brauner, Managing Director, Philips Speech Processing. ”SpeechExec4Mac will enable Mac users to benefit from professional dictation and transcription; to work quickly and efficiently and to explore the full potential of modern, digital working tools.” An innovative productivity feature is automatic file locking and file routing post-transcription. This avoids transcribing dictations twice inadvertently.

Seamless use in mixed environments

SpeechExec4Mac is an open system, giving users the freedom to choose their individual workflow settings. SpeechExec4Mac shares the licenses with its Windows-based equivalent so that it seamlessly integrates into mixed environments and with other Windows-based SpeechExec applications. The transcription solution supports the Philips foot controls 2310, 2320, 2330 and the Philips hand control 2305. SpeechExec4Mac has been successfully tested with Mac OS X 10.7 Lion. For all other listed operating systems, it is recommended that the latest update available is applied before installing SpeechExec4Mac.

From mid June 2012, the application will be available on all SpeechExec DVDs which ship with all Digital Pocket Memo packages with SpeechExec software, SpeechExec software-only products, SpeechMike Exec and Transcription kits.

Customers who already have a valid SpeechExec 7.x license key may download SpeechExec4Mac from the Philips Speech Processing website. SpeechExec4Mac is currently available in English.